It can be a real challenge to be polite in certain situations, but try to see it as an opportunity to hone your social skills. With these 10 tips you will be able to confront any possible scenario with poise and grace.

1. Always respond to a compliment with a self-deprecating statement or remark. This lets the person know that you are polite and appreciate the compliment without seeming threatening or elitist.

2. Start each statement or question with the phrase “I’m sorry”. It will put your listener at ease and they will feel less under attack by your extreme point of view.

3. Count the number of times you say ‘thank you’ in a day. Set that as your baseline and challenge yourself to beat that number each day. Don’t forget the eye contact, let them know you really mean it.

4. Always be prepared to eat the meal you are served even if you didn’t order it or if you have dietary restrictions or an allergy. It never hurts to keep a few EpiPens in your purse.

5. Make up some business cards and keep them on hand, include your phone number and home address. That way you can easily give your number to any man that asks and let him know where he can find you whenever and for whatever reason he wants.

6. When a strange man is following you down the street, slow down and introduce yourself. Tell him where you’re going and invite him to come along.

7. When a man asks you to show him your tits, show him. Ask him politely when he’s ready for you to put your shirt back down. Smile and give him your phone number in case he wants to see them again.

8. When your Uber driver takes you to an unfamiliar destination and insists you come inside with him. Oblige with a smile and thank him for not leaving the meter running.

9. Let your rapist know that you understand that he too is under a lot of stress at that moment. Take the time to softly touch his face, make eye contact and say ‘hello’ with a smile.

10. Never turn down a man’s advances. You might miss out on meeting ‘the one’. Besides, maybe that blackened heart of his can be made to shine with just a little commitment and elbow grease.