• Do you suffer from a frequent urge to write?
  • Are you easily distracted by ideas for jokes or articles?
  • Do you have alarming urges to collaborate with other women?

If you experience frequent buildup of drafts and are uncertain about where to submit them…You might have SAD (Syndrome Absence Delirium).

There is relief.

Ask our Editors today about The Syndrome Mag.

The Syndrome Mag is an online magazine that has been proven to contain at least 5 times more women than other satire magazines. It has been clinically proven to treat writers’ block, author isolation and boredom, with no unwanted sexual side effects.


  • Syndrome is not for everyone. There is a risk of community and opportunities for collaborative writing.
  • Syndrome is not approved for people who think women complain too much and really aren’t that great.
  • Satire consumption can increase sensitivity to social ills and humorous stimuli.
  • When reading The Syndrome Mag DO NOT drive or operate heavy machinery; however, alcohol consumption in combination with Syndrome may increase enjoyment.

Side effects may include:

Dry mouth, wet vagina, hysterical laughter and breasts may significantly increase in size.


To reduce the risk of serious side effects share Syndrome with your friends and family.
Still not sure if The Syndrome Mag is right for you?

Option 1: Write postcards

Do words come out of your mouth before you can even think about them?

A digital postcard may be right for you. A postcard is a satirical joke on current news or any topic that comes to mind, with a woman’s perspective. Challenge yourself: Use the least amount of words to convey a powerful message (and make people laugh!).

See some examples here.

Option 2: Write articles

Do you twist even the most concerning topics into something that brings on hilarity?
Topics may range from feminism to politics to every day women’s experiences.
We prefer articles with 1300 words or less.

Option 3: Create art (graphic, paintings, cartoons)

Are your symptoms humorous visual distortions?
We like to promote every sort of creative mind.

Option 4: Other (social media, networkers, comedians, organizers, and passionate women)

Do you have multiple undefined symptoms?
Whatever the symptoms, The Syndrome Mag has a place for you.

We are the Syndrome, and we are the cure.

Contact our team and get started with Syndrome today!

You can submit your sample by copying and pasting it into the text box, please no special formatting.

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