Our project was born in Italy.

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Italian founder

Charlie Syns – Founder and Directress Italy

I laugh, cry, get excited, laugh, get emotional, dream, work, yell and laugh… All at the same time.


Julia Campa

Julia Campa – Editor

I don’t know about you guys, but I always see the glass half stupid.

Enrica Orlando

Lady Grin – Editor

I write, listen to music, laugh, eat candy,  and I run…all at the same time.


La Rouge – Editor

Almost tall, almost hot, almost redhead. Powerful but affectionate, hypercritical but self-deprecating, philosophically oriented towards light-hearted pessimism, I’m enough of a pain in the ass to be taken seriously in this goddamned world. In short and to everyone, I’m La Rouge.

Evelina Solito

Evelina Solito – Editor

According to Don Quixote of La Mancha “She’s a real ball breaker”.

Federica Turco – Editor

I talk about women because I don’t understand men.

Arianne Lapelouse

Arianne Lapelouse – Editor

Professional journalist, mom and entrepreneur.

I view the world with curiosity. I am like a contact lens. Soft.

Roberta Polimanti – Editor

Former kick-boxer, actress for fun, tireless nerd, avid reader, professional pain in the butt.

Vanna Greggio

Vanna Greggio

I am certain that, by the time I’m an old lady, I will have perfected the arts of husband-snatching, gossiping, bitchiness and alcoholism.

I’ve been working on it for years.

Silvia Bajardi

An Italian immigrant in the New World.

I moved to the US two years ago. My greatest discovery has been the profound connection between peanut butter and chocolate.

Alessandra A/M

I am a simple person with disproportionate ambitions, discrete and rowdy. Silently, I listen to the stories of others. I shuffle the deck and lose myself. As a radio personality, I make people laugh and tell pointless stories.


Code name: Alexandra
Eyes: 2
Hair: long, but I’m considering one of those really chic bobs.
Age: mental or biological?
Distinguishing features: Juventus fan, ironic, in love with irony
Height: I would say I soar above the rest
Zodiac sign: Libra
Passions: Syndrome Magazine

Anna Martinenghi

I’ve had the Syndrome for about 45 years.

Before too long they’ll diagnose me with more, I imagine, so I fit in nicely here.

I live for coffee. To overcome my insomnia I write (not always well). I write poems, jokes, poems that seem like jokes and vice versa, stories, short stories and plays. I think that a woman who can make you laugh is worth double.

Barbara Civitelli

Barbara, 52, Tuscan, reads and writes at a non-competitive level.

Procrastinating is a life saver, helps you avoid over thinking and bridges the gap between dreams and reality. In everyday life she’s a doctor and loves comedy. In reality she wanted the opposite but got confused.

Capito Lina?

I was born in the Rione Monti in ‘62; which was built on Subburra in the 1600s; which was established in 700 BC. We created the world, have seen empires, barbarians, wars, popes, catastrophes and revolutions. Don’t fuck with us. Seriously.

Carrie Alessandra Zucca

Hi I’m Carrie, like Ms. Bradshaw in “Sex & the City” the television series that filled long nights as a single mother… as well as my shoe collection. I’m “prickly” but have many positive sides including a discreet b-side.

I adore satire; laughter is definitely the best medicine. I’m looking for an intelligent man so “we can laugh like two idiots”.

I surround myself with my dog, my cat and a select few friends.

Chuchu Lebuskj

I love words, the sea and Muscat. I also love my cat.

Dalisay Mulibre

I enjoy taking many roads and then realizing they are all wrong.

I love to travel and discover the exact same problems that I left behind; I don’t ever want to get bored.

When I want something, I always get it one way or another, just like how I got my boyfriend. Ok, so he doesn’t know he’s my boyfriend, but it always takes men a little longer to figure things out.

Daniela la Skalky

Television writing is my passion, nutty by nature, proud to take Syndrome to all corners of the globe.

Federica D’Alessandro

I’m a lawyer from Palermo, Sicily.

If it were up to me, I’d spend my whole day reading and writing. Just like in elementary school.

In 2015, I published a collection of stories entitled “Dieci piccole cose per occhi attenti”, Robin Edizioni.

Francesca Bonelli Morescalchi

Tuscan to the bone. She lives in Bergamo – probably because of something she did wrong in a past life.

She has been writing for herself and others ever since she was born. Articles, narratives, plays, grocery lists, notes of every kind and many swear words.

So antisocial that the plague would come before her in a popularity contest; she insists it’s not her fault, it’s in her DNA.

Gabriella Bertino

I’m Torinese on the weekend, during the week I work in Milan.

I’m 57 and for a while have been trying to find some space between my overwhelming work life, my son and a cat to focus on my biggest passion, writing. Like a good amateur I have participated in several literary contests, I even won a few (we call them Pulitzers for the rest of us); I would like to have more time to nurture my interests. I am an avid and compulsive reader, with antisocial tendencies that border on sociopathy, but I love cooking and having a good time with my gaggle of hags.

Grace Fitzgerald

As I walk the tightrope, hope is both behind and in front of me. (Cit.)

Irene Multari

Full-time angel-face at work, cynical bitch in my free time. One day I will save the world, but not right now because I’m busy ruining various parts of my life. Someone call the Avengers, they’re paid to do that kind of thing. Stay hungry, stay fresh.

Jo Fuxy

Jo Fuxy

Love is blind because I enjoy working myself up over nothing.

La Ferdi

Women doctors may cause side effects, even serious ones.

La Neroarancio

Raised on bread and creativity, I navigate between translation and marketing, with occasional moments of euphoria.

La Princi

Short, cynical, blonde and narcissistic. Lover of wine and the color pink. I live on punk rock and pesto lasagna. I wish Prince Charming would hurry up!

Lang Lan

I observe, describe and imagine. I love traveling around the world but mostly through the lives of others.

If I were a tea leaf, I’d be as dark as night, yet sweet from the first sip.

I am happily married to myself, but my friends say that doesn’t count.

Laura Magnani

Laura Magnani

Born 1989, Syndrome. Distinguishing features: I never shut up; I try but must always say what’s on my mind. I love red wine and beers sitting on church steps. I never leave the house without red lipstick or cynicism.

Letizia Battaglia

With 50 summers under my belt I keep “one foot in the past while looking forward into the future”. I’m basically stumbling from one laugh to the next!

Lucilla Masini

Lucilla Masini, born in Lucca with a Tuscan heart, missing woman, missing doctor, interior designer by day, comedian by night.

Lunettes De Lune

The pseudonym is needed to avoid compromising a million-dollar career in the inner circle of the Secret Service.

Martina Catuzzi

Why are we like this? Sweetly complicated, always emotional, delicate, weak and needy for love… Enough with the bullshit I’m on it –  I’ll give you the cure, ladies, I’ve got the prescription.


I can never find any socks, 6 ear piercings, #nofilter and too many things to say. In life, I’m an exhausting long-winded chatterbox. In death, I’m just dead.

Monica Lazzari

“Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that you’ve got to go to a family reunion.

The good news is it’s not your family”.

Nadia Puma

Comedienne, author, always vintage.

I was born the same year as Sharon Stone and Madonna, but who could tell?

A fan once told me: “Just looking at you makes me laugh,” I think it was a compliment.

I am proud of my age and my varicose veins: I think of them as tattoos.

flavia gotta

Flavia Gotta

I love being 40 much more than being 20.
Turin, two daughters, almost a husband, a bike and a spritz. And many good friends.
That’s all I ask.

Paola Arduino

A big fan of planning, I enjoy planning trips that I will never take, careers that are impossible to launch, diets that I have no intention of following and books that I have no intention of writing. Depending on demand, I’m a professor, mom, wife, friend, writer, illustrator and fool.


Born in Carpi, Italy, ever since she was small she has been trapped in the body of Sophia from Golden Girls. Groucho Marx remembers her like this: “Ilenia? Yeah, she wanted to work with me on a screenplay but I don’t like my coworkers to have bigger mustaches than me.”


I’m Chantal, I live and let laugh.

Romina Carancini

I’ve been 21 for ten years. They told me that sooner or later those dreams I put away in the drawer would come true…but I checked and the only thing in there is underwear.

Sandra Tagliavento

Intern at life.

Silvestra Sorbera

I’m 33 years old, but 40 is alright with me. I’m a journalist and a writer, I talk about life, I’m bossy, a control freak and have a high testosterone level. In a past life I was without a doubt, Lady Oscar.

Silvia Franchi

Expert in Pindaric flight. I only hope the parachute opens.

Valentina Tomirotti

Hi, here I am.

Nickname: Pepitosa

Description: In short, I don’t even have a first or last name. My lipstick is perfect and my hair is always stylish. An eternally seated princess with a forked tongue, clockwork mind, social media addict, journalist by trade, rebellion through writing is my therapy. Instruction manual not included.


If you look long enough into the Internet, the Internet will look into you.

And it will run away, terrified.

My name’s Yvonne, I’m 31 and I’m online. Always. I observe the people of the Internet and share them with you.

Every now and then I take a break and watch silly cat videos.