The Directress stepping on banana skin

Silvia Bajardi – The Directress

I’m really excited to tell you that I’ve got everything under control.

Italian founder

Charlie Syns – The Founder

I laugh, cry, get excited, laugh, get emotional, dream, work, yell and laugh… All at the same time.

Betsy Hunt – Senior Editor

Betsy Hunt is a humor writer and Italian>English comedy translator based in Seattle, WA. Prior to landing in Seattle, she spent over a decade traveling, teaching and translating around the world.

When Betsy is not eating pizza, she enjoys thinking about pizza, googling “pizza near me” and ironing her favorite pizza eating shirt.



Frankly Frankie

Frankly Frankie – Editor

Frankie would love to get a tattoo, but she can’t think of anything inspirational to say, only jokes and is not sure “This is a joke” on her ass is worth it.


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Nicole Borke

Nicole Borke – Editor

Nicole started life on a hobby farm in a small town in British Columbia, Canada. Here, she gained education on critical matters such as how to discriminate between goat turds and black jelly beans at Easter egg hunts.

When she was in grade five, she resolved to one day write a book and now, in her forties, she’s putting the final touches on her first novel and has recently launched a blog,—procrastination is one of her strongpoints.

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Janet Livingstone

Janet Livingstone – Editor

I’m a multilingual world traveler who favors humor over violence (but not food). Shortcut to connecting with any woman worldwide? Ask her how she feels about her mother-in-law.

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Leigh Anne Jasheway

Leigh Anne Jasheway – Content Developer

Leigh Anne Jasheway sleeps with three wiener dogs to scare men away. It’s totally working.

A comedy writer, stand-up comic, and humorous motivational speaker for 25 years (yes, she started in-utero!), Leigh Anne has written 25 books, 18 years of humor columns, buttons, magnets, bumper stickers, ransom notes, excuses, aprons (“Hi, my other apron burned in the fire” is hers), sarcastic comments around chalk outlines, and top 10 lists in the fog on strangers’ bathroom mirrors.

She won the Erma Bombeck Humor Writing Award for her true story on how her first mammogram caught on fire and once hosted her own radio show called The Giggle Spot. Most guys couldn’t find it on the dial.

Katherine Shaw

Yes, this is the facial expression Katherine makes on first dates. If any sad, widowed men are interested in spending time with a gal that will never inspire them to replace their hearing aid batteries, she’s single and living in Portland, Oregon!

Katherine is a recovering “Type A” personality. Always the overachiever, she reached midlife crisis ten years early and recently dumped her career in healthcare for the pursuit of happiness.



Arzu Yuksel Suzener

Arzu Yuksel Suzener – LIO (Lady Initiative Officer)

Arzu Yuksel Suzener is a Senior manager in Sales and Business Development at Microsoft, living in Greater Seattle area, an enthusiastic tech pro by day and a curious reader by night of comic books.
As the mother of a zippy son and a wife, she is the proud power behind the family. Arzu loves traveling, fine dining and swimming in the Mediterranean and currently is into learning sailing and kayaking on the beautiful Lakes of Washington.

Ariel Jana Aguilar

Ariel Jana Aguilar – Our Tech Queen

5′ 2″
Brown eyes
Wannabe Wonder Woman

Commonly described as: spunky, irascible, crusher, sweet, the nicest, and a little crazy.

Laughter is medicine.


She grew up in communist Czechoslovakia which resulted in hypertrophy of her BS detector.

She is curious about science and the world in general. She wants to know how nature works, what makes people tick and where her kids keep their stash of chocolate.


Amber Rose Forbes

Amber Rose Forbes

Wants to live in a world filled with supportive family policy, unlimited beach days, and chocolate bars that come bundled with a free foot rub.


Noga Tal

Noga decided she was a feminist at around 7-8 years old and hasn’t looked back since.

She’s a hybrid American-Israeli, currently living in Tel Aviv and working in tech for Corporate America.

In her spare time (i.e. at night) she reads through her daily Google alerts for “Women in Tech” and teeters between utter depression and cautious optimism.


I will always be 17 and slightly crazy.

Katherine Wilson

Katherine Wilson

Katherine Wilson is an actress and writer living in Italy. She goes on Italian TV regularly to “explain” US politics and culture from an American prospective, a job that requires multiple espressos, proseccos, and talented makeup artists.

Her memoir, Only in Naples, tells about her experiences as an American feminist in the kitchen of her Neapolitan mother-in-law.





Sarahbella spent a few decades supporting women’s rights and pro-democracy non profits in Latin America. Now she’s putting all that rabble rousing experience into her special needs son, with some social criticism on the side.


Lynn Colwell

Lynn is a Jill-of-all-trades and master-of-absolutely-nothing which is fine with her, out-of-the-box thinker who spent her working life trying to have as much fun as possible while getting paid for it.



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Mary Purdy

Mary Purdy

Mary Purdy, MS, RDN is a Registered Dietitian who was in private practice for 8 years & now works at Arivale as a Coach and Clinical Education Lead providing nutrition and lifestyle counseling to clients using personalized genetic data and functional labs. She is also Chair of Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, host of the web series & podcast “Mary’s Nutrition Show” and author of the recently published book “Serving the Broccoli Gods.” 

She loves all vegetables except zucchini.

Giugi Carminati

Giugi Carminati

Giugi Carminati is an intersectional feminist and woman’s advocate. As attorney, blogger, public speaker and hobbyist author she spends her time explaining the patriarchy to all who will listen (and many who won’t).

She runs her law firm The Woman’s Lawyer out of Denver, CO, and her blog Argue Like a Girl from wherever she has internet access.

She speaks French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Cussing.

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Dawn Lutrell

Dawn Lutrell

Dawn Lutrell is an Oregon-based standup comedian, writer and addiction recovery speaker/advocate.

Once upon a time at the young age of 48, Dawn Lutrell decided the world needed more to laugh at.

Even without the help of her fairy godmother (who was busy hot-flashing and learning tai chi), Dawn magically transformed into a sought-after stand-up (except when she’s napping) comedian and addiction recovery speaker.

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Adina Gillett

Adina Gillett

Adina hails originally from sunny southern California, but please keep reading.
After realizing that her shiny Poli-Sci degree from UCLA meant that she had no job skills, Adina fell into a Technical Writer career thanks to a broken road of sketchy temp jobs.
She spent most of the 90’s in high tech until she had her first low tech pregnancy. Adina exited the high-tech world to focus on keeping her two human children alive, and to nurture her third child – Improvisational Comedy.


Natasha Lam O'Rourke

Natasha O’Rourke

I’m a mom, a wife, and a copywriter, but those are very limiting labels. I’m also a cheese lover, karaoke performer, award-winning beer pong player, misophonia sufferer, and a dog person. I’m a puzzle enthusiast (jigsaw and crossword), word nerd, and Facebook addict (sadly, not recovering; Sorry, Matty). I watch too much TV, eat too many nachos, and take too many pictures of my children, and I’m not sorry about any of it.

Cecília Calado

When I was a child I wanted to speak all languages, not only Portuguese. Actually, I wanted to be God, but I was told that seat had already been taken. So, I learned quite a few languages but had to pay for that obviously.

I already have a couple of novels in Portuguese, but the Nobel Prize still alludes me.



Tashi Farmilo-Marouf

Tashi Farmilo-Marouf tries to float down from the clouds every once in a while, to do something practical, like write poems. I’m a mother of five, artist and writer too.

Occhi Verdi

Occhi Verdi

Lean, mean and green. OK, maybe not the lean part….

Kelly Lauren

Kelly Benson

A twentysomething tall drink of manic-depression with a quick wit, an impressive cancer survival streak, and a face for radio.

A desperate lover of fashion and art, pretentious collector of vinyl records, proficient in barely passable French, and mother of two rescue kitties (I often emphasize that they were rescued so people know what a saint I am).

Erin Sanchez

Erin Sanchez is a writer, storyteller, and business coach helping women get visible, credible, and memorable online so they can explode their brands and their bank accounts. Erin feels funny about writing in the third person, but also derives some odd pleasure from it. She hopes it’s not a narcissism thing passed down from her father.



Denise Thiery

She was raised in a household where competitiveness meant who could get the biggest laugh from the rest of the family. Asa result, she has a blended sense of humor from both parents: Her father’s love of words and puns and her mother’s ability to make a risqué double entendre out of just about any statement or situation. In her free time, she belongs to a walking/hiking club and is a genuine tree-hugging nature freak. Given the current “me too” movement, she never hugs the tree without first asking its permission.

Bernice Jing Ye

Dancer. Standup Comedian. Realistic dreamer.
Made in China, but not your tiger mom’s daughter. Lover of Argentine tango, aka dancing backwards in high heels, aka practicing the impossible art of being female. Despite her sunny, sweet disposition, this one knows how to bite.