The 2018 Met Gala was yet again a marvelous display of elegance and creativity. This year’s Catholic theme inspired some unique and gaudy couture on the red carpet, but you don’t have to wait until next year to relive the excitement.

You can insert some of that poise and glamour into your day-to-day, so why not start at the grocery store checkout line?

The next time you find yourself heading to the supermarket or convenience store to get multiple bags of chips you plan to devour while watching trash television, take time to savor the experience and luxury of having so many snack options. Let the employees and other shoppers relish in your presence as you float towards checkout and wait effortlessly in line.

With the following tips you will be photo-ready for anything, like maybe even paparazzi in the parking lot.

1. The Grand Cross

While standing in line cross your legs at the knee and hold the position.

Rest your hand on your hip with your elbow extended outward. This creates a slimming effect and adds dimension to any photos someone might take. As the line progresses you can scoot forward one foot at a time holding the position.


2. Extreme Exposure

Another option for optimizing the look of your legs is to completely expose one of them. Only show one at a time. If you want to mix it up, why not play a tantalizing game of leg peek-a-boo.

This works best if you are wearing a skirt with a long slit. However, pulling the leg of your sweatpants as high up your thigh as possible also works.


3. Twist and Smile

When you approach the cashier and they begin to process your purchase, keep your shoulders facing the exit and turn only your head.

This is quite slimming and helps to elongate the neck. Don’t forget to smile. Pretty ladies should always smile.



4. Head Tilt

Keep your head tilted to the side at least 45 degrees.

I cannot overemphasize how flattering this pose is in ANY situation. The head tilt creates a play of shadow and light that accentuates the contours of your face and makes you appear more approachable. The sharper the angle the more attractive you become.


5. The Clutch

You might not be holding a trendy golden clutch in your paws, but that doesn’t mean the two bags of chips you are planning to eat alone on the couch won’t make the perfect accessories.

Clasp both bags in one hand and bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle. Rest your other hand on your hip for added effect


6. The Fish Gape

While the cashier is ringing you up, part your lips just so and open your mouth slightly as if you are about to say something intriguing.

This creates an element of surprise and will draw people in as they become increasingly curious about what you might say or why you walk around with your mouth open.


7. Um Byeee

As you take your chips and leave, pause while exiting through the automatic doors.

Turn back to the other customers in line and give them elongated hair flip (or ‘air’ flip if your hair isn’t long enough). Wink and giggle at anyone who makes eye contact.


Once back in your car, you should feel proud of the class you showed in there. You can repeat these steps at home on the couch and with the same effect. Just be sure to wipe your greasy hands on your sweatpants before flipping your hair.