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Mission Impossible: Why it’s So Damn Hard to Meet Up as an Adult

by Mary Purdy
Mary Purdy

Welcome back to everyone’s favorite gameshow Will they, won’t they… get together? This week’s contestants are former college roommates, Sarah and Jenny. Sarah ran into Jenny at the grocery store and suggested they meet up. Get ready for some extreme texting as these two women frantically try to find a time to hang out.


– Hi, Jenny! What fun to run into you at Whole Foods!  We should get together.

– Hi Sarah!  Yes, so great to see you.  I’d love to get together. I miss you!

– I miss you too.  It’s been way too long.  How about Saturday, June 24th?  Come over for dinner?

– Thanks for the invite!  Cannot do Saturday, June 24th, we have tickets to a show that night.  Maybe sometime in July?

– Ok- July, it is.  When is good for you?  Wednesday the 13th or 20th is wide open for us.

– Wednesdays are Lizzie’s volleyball nights.  Are there any Sundays or Tuesdays that work for you?

– Sure!  Sunday the 17th is a good night for me.

-Sorry, I meant Sunday Brunch.

– Ok, Sunday Brunch on the 17th should work.

I just remembered we are out of town that weekend.

– OK, how about Sunday the 24th instead?

– Actually, can we do Saturday?

– Saturday, I’m on call at work.  Is there a Sunday that might work better?  Maybe the 31st?

– The 31st.  Hmmm…. I just hate to plan that far out. I guess the 24th is ok.  I was just hoping to clean out the basement that day.  It’s such a mess and I can never seem to find the time to get to it. But I REALLY want to see you, so let’s try to make it work.

– Maybe I can try to switch my on-call shift with a co-worker, so we could do Saturday the 23rd.  How about 11am?

– I have yoga until 11:30am.

– 12pm?

– Perfect!  See you then!


– Just confirming our brunch at 12pm tomorrow.

– Oh my gosh!  I totally spaced writing that down.  I’m so sorry. Turns out, Alex is doing a half marathon I forgot about.  Can we reschedule? I’m dying to see you!


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