Perfect Gifts for Women Who Love to Laugh

by Leigh Anne Jasheway
Leigh Anne Jasheway

Are you stuck for Mother’s Day gift ideas for the women in your life with sarcastic senses of humor and a burning desire to make this world more just and equal for everyone?

We have good news! The Syndrome Mag has an online store, chock-full of fabulously funny and feminist gifts that will be the hit of any gift exchange. Not only will they make the women in your life laugh, each purchase you make will help us in our mission to educate and enlighten about gender equality and other issues important to women through comedy and storytelling. It’s win-win, Santa baby!

Here are some our my recommendations (but check out everything to see what might work best for you):


For the overworked co-worker or friend who is also a mom whose natural eye color these days is “off-red,” you can’t beat a coffee mug that reads “The last time I got a full night’s sleep was in the womb.”

Speaking of not sleeping, do you have a single friend who likes to stay out late and party? Let her celebrate her life of fun with a mug that tells the world “Success is having a girls’ night out and remembering how you got home.” And no one says she has to fill her mug with coffee, either!


For the social media mavens on your list, especially those who may fret a little about their physical appearance, consider a phone case with the sentiment: “8 out of 10 women have cellulite. The other two have no friends.”

And let’s not forget the techy girls who are ready to use their skills to take over the world, real or virtual. For them, we recommend a cell phone case that proclaims, “If women ruled tech, Alexa would be named Alex and he’d bring me coffee in bed.”
Phone case The Syndrome Mag 


We love women who are dedicated to reproductive rights and let their feelings speak out loud. So how about a t-shirt with the greeting, “I nicknamed my vagina ‘Area 51’ because the government wants to keep a lid on it.” Don’t tell anyone, but Area 51 is our password.

The Syndrome Mag T-shirtThe Syndrome Mag T-shirt


Maybe you have someone on your list who is trying to get a handle on her stress without keying an ex’s car or telling her boss to take her job and shove it. The perfect gift might be a pillow reminding her to “Breathe in. Breathe out. Scream a little. Repeat.” This will come in handy during those times she’s curled into the fetal position or if she needs something to throw at someone without breaking anything.

Everyone needs something comfy to sleep on and if it’s also hysterical, what’s not to love? That summarizes our pillow that reads, “I hate the missionary position. It just reminds me that I need to paint the ceiling.”
The Syndrome Mag pillow Pillow The Syndrome Mag


Who doesn’t know a woman who could use an extra bag, whether for produce or a box of wine? That’s where our tote bags come in. We  particularly like “Men explain things to me all the time, which is great because it’s the only time I can focus on my grocery list.” This bag will definitely start great conversations with cashiers and people in the parking lot at Trader Joe’s.

Let’s not forget to celebrate all the off-beat, oddball, march to their own beat in stiletto heeled-Doc Martens (or spend their days at home knitting Viking helmet hats for their cats), weirdos (aka, ALL OF US), you can’t beat a bag that lets the world know that conforming to anyone’s labels is just freaky. Our “Normal is just a degree of crazy that’s acceptable” bag does just that!
The Syndrome Mag Tote Bag The Syndrome Mag tote bag


You may not know this, but The Syndrome Mag is headquartered in Seattle, WA and most of our board and staffers live between Seattle and Eugene, WA. If you, too, are shopping for someone in Washington or Oregon, how about a hoodie with the greeting, “I love fall in the Pacific northwest. I get to change out of my short-sleeved flannel into my long-sleeved flannel.” We’re laughing at this right now because it’s so true. Also, because we have hoodie hair and it’s hysterical.

The Syndrome Mag hoodieThe Syndrome Mag hoodie


For the woman who is loves of all her body parts, we recommend a tank top shouting to the world, “I’m proud of my upper arms. I can wave to 4 different people at the same time.” Great for summers on the beach playing volleyball or waving to strangers in a crowd.

The Syndrome Mag tank-top The Syndrome Mag tank-top


And because we always want to encourage everyone to read and laugh, may we recommend our book, Random Female Syndromes: Funny Fixes for All the Things You Thought Were Wrong with You? The book is an anthology that brings laughter to both important issues (such as #MeToo and lack of reproductive rights) and everyday frustrations (like ill-fitting bras and random facial hairs).

Tucked in among articles on menopause and mammograms is Bernice Jing’s essay about the perils of living with the “wrong-sized” eyes as a Chinese woman, Jasmine Ektefhari’s comedy essay about the time she spent in jail in Iran because she refused to wear a head scarf in public, and Laura Hamilton’s hysterical look at deciding whether to have children (“I Can’t Put on Pants, but I’d Make a Great Parent”).

There! Now we’ve taken care of your shopping conundrums.

Now, head to The Syndrome Store for some free laughs. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it!

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