5 Ways to Respond to a Dude Who Wants to See Your Rack

by Hannah Byron
Hannah Byron

In your attempt to avoid your friend who keeps badgering you about “getting out there,” you download the latest dating app with the hope the algorithm can do a better job of setting you up than she has. Five minutes in, you already have a request from a total stranger to send them a picture of your rack. What do you do?

Have no fear, the following tips curated by dating experts will help you come to a resolution of what to send that requires little effort or good lighting.

Rack of Clothing

Send a display of your wardrobe. He’ll go wild for it! It’s not like he’s trying to get you out of your clothes. Why would he when you clearly have style? Keep the price tags on a couple blouses you found on sale to woo him with your savvy savings. Dazzle him with your dress you discovered that actually has pockets. Confuse him as to how you’re a size 26, 8, and 14! The complexities of women’s fashion will keep the conversation flowing for hours. It may even inspire him to model your ensembles in person. Seize this opportunity to transform the fitting into an impromptu photo shoot. You can send these to the next guy demanding pictures of your rack.

Tennis Racket

Show off your playful side with a flirty picture of a tennis racket. A sporty shot of you conveys your competitive edge in a non-aggressive and nonthreatening way. It says you’re spunky enough to challenge him to a match, but will probably let him win so you don’t destroy his fragile masculinity. It’s more fun to leave the score love-love anyway.  Make sure to include two rackets since you’re always down for a game of doubles. Follow up with a pic of fuzzy yellow tennis balls if he doesn’t respond in five minutes.

Rack of Ribs

Snap a pic of some juicy barbeque ribs. Guys like a gal who has a little extra meat on them. No really, leave the bit of meat stuck in your hair, and don’t you dare mop off the sauce around your mouth and hands. Clean wipes are for posers. This will show him you’re not afraid to get down and dirty, but more importantly you’re someone he can eat non-judgmentally with. Just make it clear you don’t share. These ribs are yours. He can’t have them!

Bike Rack

Capture your spirit of adventure with a photo of a bike rack. Don’t own a bike? Easy fix. Just scour the city for other women’s racks. He won’t know the difference. Oh, the places you’ll go together! Whether it’s peddling around the Arc de Triomphe, racing through Amsterdam, or cycling to the closest 7 Eleven to pick up tampons (this is an errand he can’t be trusted to do alone yet), prove to him you’re thinking long term. A bicycle built for two screams commitment in a not all scary or confining way. What better way is there to bond with your partner than staring at his sweaty back for an hour? Don’t forget to insist he wear a helmet! You don’t want him to ruin that handsome face of his, because otherwise what’s the point?

Whatever You’re Comfortable With

Bottom line, it’s your body. You make the decision that’s right for you, not for Brady from Tinder. Or was it Logan from Hinge? Maybe Seth from Christian Mingle? It’s hard to keep track with the influx requests for nudes. Only do or show what you’re comfortable with. If that means sending back a hot pic, then by all means do. If that means deleting your app and deciding a dog is the only life companion you need, then by all means download Canine Cuties to find available furry friends near you.

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