Body Talk

Cyrano Had A Nose For Things.

From poetry to breasts, he had it all figured out.

A broad

Selfie Tour, See Yourself in Rome!

Take home the perfect pictures or your money back!

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I am one of the girls of #Enghelab

Women in Iran take off their headscarves because it's their right.

Body Talk

By the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin

Have you ever gotten up close and personal with your chin hairs?

Sex & Relationships

Sex. Me. Up. Beep.

Are sex robots the future for womankind?

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I hate Spoilers.

Is there life beyond TV?

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Dear Tina Fey…

Dear Tina Fey, thanks for not giving a shit.

Bra Burners

Dear Sisters

The Syndrome Mag stands with the Time's Up movement

Body Talk

Innovative beauty masks?

How a charcoal mask can change your life...

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I lose, therefore I am

Nothing says more about who we are than the things we lose

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The mystery of the pantyless woman

That suspicious bulge in my pants...


The Job Interview

And feminine understanding

A broad


How being a princess in Italy can be a real pain

Bra Burners


Transcript of underground post-patriarchal Mansplaining Seminar

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What is The Syndrome Mag?

Find out what the Movement is about...

Sex & Relationships

Porn for women. This is how we really like it.

Special report from the “Fish and Chips Festival”