Women Who Sprout Without A Doubt

by Joanna Panayi
Joanna Panayi

Listen, I have no idea where the ideology came about when society started shaming women for not shaving their bodies. It is hair. Calm down.

For some reason, we all know that there is some sort of stigma against a lady who can grow long locks of hair below her eyes. Alert! Alert! SHE IS SOME SORT OF A MAN WOMAN MAN. SHE HAS PEACH FUZZ. CALL THE COPS. CALL AUTHORITIES! ARREST HER, SHAME HER! It may not be the Salem witch trials, but hell, I feel society targets these women just the same.

Being a European woman who has grown up with a unibrow, hairy armpits, and legs, I know people can be downright savages with their comments.

When, in fact, they are the savage ones for even belittling me in the first place. Hair is seen as the enemy for women, seen as a sign of weakness to the opposite sex. It is a weakness to sex appeal. Who would want to feel fuzzy sensations while touching a woman? (Consensually, of course). Well, men, now you know how we feel.

I believe this weakness to sex appeal displays strength. It is really the intimidation of others’ perception of beauty based on societal constructs that women should be plucked, primped, and pretty. Despite all that bullshit, I have realized that I am a European goddess with the tendency to grow real, thick, bushy hair. Yes. She is a lady. I am a lady. Not a monkey. A lady.

Peach fuzz?! Who came up with that?

Although that is a significantly smart name for fragile pieces of hair that appear in the most unusual places. Yet, we all want to shave that too! Why? Because, “I’m your Venus; I’m your power; your desire.” Simple as that. Did you know that there is actually a purpose for peach fuzz? I know, I didn’t either. Your thin hair is supposed to regulate your body temperature!

Mind-blowing right? All I knew about peach fuzz was that I needed to not have it. Because god forbid I kiss a boy and it’s softer than usual.

During the horrible year of 2020 into 2021, I have just let myself go.  The peach fuzz….is fuzzy alright. My upper lip is warmer than ever and I don’t care. Yes. I admit it. I don’t care. My leg hairs are grown. I am actually quite impressed with the amount of hair I can and have raised on my legs. If I am not woman enough, I am certainly man enough, which I think is better. Right?

This process is called hibernation. Especially when it gets cold out, the animals return to their habitats, well my body also embraces its habitats for the winter. I am not ashamed. You shouldn’t be either. Listen, hygiene is essential. However, if men can do it. So can we.

It’s to her own prerogative. It’s my prerogative. I am not saying that wanting to shave or groom yourself is terrible. It feels fantastic when you come out of the shower with freshly shaven legs, with the desperate desire to prove to everyone that your legs are Venus approved. You feel clean and fresh like silk in the wind.

However, some women have hair removal problems due to skin sensitivities, or they may not have the money or the tools to primp themselves as we are all programmed to do.

We shouldn’t shame women for not removing their hair.

FYI: this is not a war to wage against misogynistic men who literally want hairless Sphynx cats in their bedroom. Being a Sphynx is impressive for 3 reasons:

  1. They are unique, one of a kind cats.
  2. They are independent and strong.
  3. They have nine lives, bitch!

Sphynxes are unique. They do not look like everybody else, but they want the same things in life. Along with many other felines that also share these outstanding attributes. There are shorthaired felines, long-haired felines, big felines, tall felines, small felines, stocky felines, different colored felines.

Do you see the point I am trying to make here?

Whether you are a hairless woman, a semi bald woman, or a woman who has a bit of hair, or a lot of hair, it really just doesn’t matter.

I know we women are programmed to always comment on each other’s appearance, and sometimes women can be much more vicious than men. Don’t you see what a waste that is? We all are unique individuals. We all are independent and strong. We all have the same nine lives.

Hair should not tear us apart because that is just ridiculous and shallow. We need to empower each other. Let us not ostracize women who refuse to remove their hair. We have no witches to burn here. Stop body-shaming.

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