10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Girl in a Wheelchair

by Valentina Tomirotti
Valentina Tomirotti

Have you ever thought about dating a girl in a wheelchair? Has a girl on wheels caught your eye? There are all types of girls in wheelchairs and they have much to offer. Here are a few reasons why you should consider dating them.

1. You will save money and cut the lines.

When you date a girl in a wheelchair there’s no need to waste time getting places early to avoid the lines. When a girl in a wheelchair is on the scene, crowds open up like Moses parting the Red Sea. Bouncers will brush people aside, plowing over anyone in your way. Woe to those in the wrong place at the wrong time.

By dating a girl in a wheelchair, you will also save a ton of cash on cultural events.  Companions aren’t required to pay at museums or exhibitions, on public transport or trains, etc. Just imagine all the vacations and weekends away you could take at the same price as movie and a dinner in town.


2. It’s better than a gym membership.

If you’re wondering how to lose a few pounds or want a more solid physique without spending a dime, it’s about time you started dating a girl in a wheelchair.

Forget CrossFit, we’ll help you sweat off those donuts you sneak every day in the break room. Dating a girl in a wheelchair gives you the chance to lift, push and move her from the bed, to the couch, to the bathroom, to the car. We guarantee your body will be rock hard in no time. All we ask in exchange is that you use a little imagination when buying us gifts.


3. We’re hard to misplace.

A girl in a wheelchair will always be right where you left her. She doesn’t get in the way, you can move her if you need to tidy up and you can put her in another room if you want to watch tv in peace and quiet.

Basically, you’ll always have your space as long as she can’t get to her wheels. But watch out when she does, she might run you over.


4. You’ll always have maximum cargo space.

Dating a woman in a wheelchair means that no matter where you go, you’ll have more cargo room than you could ever possibly use.

It’s like having your very own Costco shopping cart to fill up any way you want. Her chair functions as a coat rack and is extremely handy when grocery shopping.

There’s room for the milk, bread, pasta, fruit and vegetables, all packed around her rump, legs and sides. You can even hang a bag off the back for a kangaroo effect, all this creates a ballast effect, which alas you must push.


5. You won’t have to be jealous.

Save the drama for those nasty tv housewives. Let’s be honest – who’s going to steal your disabled girlfriend? What you have chosen, will remain yours and no one else’s.

However, don’t make her suspicious because if you do, track marks across your shins will definitely be in your future.


6. You’ll always have a place to rest.

Your girlfriend in a wheelchair will patiently wait to comfort you, she will sit there ready for your signal.

If you find you need a wheelchair, just sit on her lap and she will take you where you need to go.


7. Perks include VIP seating.

Who needs an all-access pass when you have a girlfriend in a wheelchair? You can get the best seats everywhere you go.

You will always be guaranteed discounted front row seats at any event. Don’t worry about parking, it’s free and the best spot is all yours.


8. Everyone will think you’re a saint.

If you date a girl in a wheelchair, you will be seen as “a good guy” even without doing volunteer work or visiting grandma in the home.

They will throw rose petals at your feet even if you stole from the offering tray every Sunday as a kid.

Your karmic record will be wiped clean because dating a girl in a wheelchair is pious work that will ensure you a place amongst the saints.


9. You’ll be living like a celebrity.

Dating a girl in a wheelchair is like being a Prince consort.
Everyone knows the girl in the wheelchair.
Everyone wants to touch her like if she were that hugging saint.


10. Forget the rest.

Date a girl in a wheelchair because you love her for who she is, just like any other couple.

Fall in love with a woman on wheels because she’s the one for you and do it in spite of what everyone else will say. But try to be a little more deaf and blind yourself, so you don’t ruin the magic for the rest of the world that can’t handle a different point of view.

Fall in love with a disabled woman because I swear, love has no boundaries.


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