A 14 Day Journal: My Sister Adopted a Baby Named Corona

by Ashley Green
Ashley Green

Day 1: Happy New Year! 2020 was so positive, but I think 2021 will be even more so. Although unconfirmed, my sister, Kristin, was informally told that baby Corona is in the air and well on her way to Washington, DC, to be with her new adopted family.

Day 2: Corona has finally arrived! The strangest thing happened though. For reasons still unknown, the adoption agency first delivered Corona to my nephew’s school. She’s not even one! Why would she need to go to school? Everett, however (who’s only five by the way), took it upon himself, as an older brother, to bring his adopted sister home with him.

Day 3: Everett asked if he could bring Corona back to school for show-and-tell. It is quickly becoming clear that Corona has a true affinity for her older brother. Everett does well carrying her around the classroom for sharing with his fellow classmates. They peer in curiosity at her neon green swaddling, but Corona seems a bit standoffish with everyone except the teachers (whom she had met a bit earlier).

Day 4: Today, Everett and my second nephew, Landon, came over to play. Everett carried Corona inside the house with him. She’s so tiny it’s easy for him to tote her around. When I met Corona, she would not get close to me. Every time I tried to stand near enough to catch a glimpse of her face or tickle her toes, she would cry out and cuddle into Everett. Corona and Everett played inside all day. She touched all the toys in the living room, smeared her hands across the walls, and even licked the dining room table. Honestly, it was disgusting. Landon spent the day outside in the fresh air.

Day 5: Corona is continuing to cocoon with her new family. Prior to her arrival, Kristin and her wife, Nicole, painstakingly childproofed the food cabinets, windows, and many of the doors. My sister tells me that while Corona shows no interest in the food cabinets, she is compulsive about crawling through both closed and open doors, and even propped herself up to peer out a window. Though it was wide open, she did not fall out the window, and remains in the house. Phew!

Day 6: Today, a peculiar thing happened. At the encouragement of Everett’s teachers, the students were all instructed to take a test. Passing may have been a simple task for some, but as it turns out, there were addition and subtraction questions. Far too difficult for any five-year old, in my opinion! Afterwards, Everett said the only thing he could recognize on the test was the + symbol. It took a lot out of him, and he slept most of the day. Kristin and Nicole are worried.

Day 7: The family bonding continues. Corona’s near sole obsession with Everett has started to dissipate and she has taken a newfound interest in my sister. Suddenly precocious and positive with Kristin, her demeanor has been entirely negative with Nicole and Landon. With these issues manifesting, my sister wonders whether she should take Corona to the pediatrician. The nurse told her to wait at least two weeks. I agree. I think Corona just needs time. And best not to expose others to her wild behavior right now.

Day 8: As Corona relaxes into Kristin, she reassures Nicole and Landon, “Don’t worry. One day Corona will warm up to you too.”

Day 9: My sister texts me constantly. Corona’s attachment to her is exhausting. It is extreme. Corona cries out in separation anxiety each time my sister leaves her side. Kristin can do nothing all day except lay in bed with Corona for hours upon hours. Nicole has been left to tend to the boys alone. And you can tell Landon is confused as to why Corona still does not care for him. He avoids talking about it though.

Day 10: My sister calls me. She worries that Corona may have severe attachment and boundary issues. She asks me, “What should I do?” I tell her that waiting is the only thing that can be done.

Day 11: Today, in an inexplicable turn of events, Corona began to show signs of warmth towards everyone in the house. In particular, she latched onto Landon like a leech. They bounced around together on the ground, and Corona kissed him on the forehead and mouth! Landon burned flush with delight. She also approached Nicole for the first time (though only with mild enthusiasm). I understand. Corona knows that it will be her biggest challenge yet to attach to Nicole because of all the time that has already passed.

Day 12: Between me and you, as I gradually learn more about Corona’s unpredictable behavior, I am very hesitant to meet her again. Who knows what she will do! I sent Kristin a care package from one of those food and gift retailers today. Though apparently Corona doesn’t like food? This is odd considering how excited she was for her first Thanksgiving.

Day 13: Kristin told me the care package arrived. The family enjoyed the pears and chocolates, but as expected, Corona took absolutely no interest. I simply cannot keep up. They spent the whole day cleaning and planning for Corona’s first birthday, which is coming up soon.

Day 14: Corona is now positively enthralled with both Nicole and Landon. Nicole says Corona is so needy with her that she can no longer sit down long enough to taste her food. That girl is a mystery. One day I hope we understand her better. But, really, what will the new year bring? At this point, we should all talk to a doctor.

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