Erin Sanchez is a writer, storyteller, and business coach helping women get visible, credible, and memorable online so they can explode their brands and their bank accounts. Erin feels funny about writing in the third person, but also derives some odd pleasure from it. She hopes it’s not a narcissism thing passed down from her father.

She’s also trying to make #DespiteMyHistory happen—kind of like “that’s so fetch,” but meaningful. She uses the hashtag on social media to share stories about overcoming obstacles, oppression, and other fun topics that bring many of us together, and to celebrate her unlikely accomplishments given her history. She wants you to use it, too.

Erin lives in the Greater Seattle Area with four dogs, five chickens, and one husband. When she’s not enjoying the outdoors, you can find her blogging at or hanging out in her Facebook group, The Rebellious Entrepreneurs’ Club.

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To the woman who washes her bra after every wear, I’m not a hater. It’s just that, well, the rest of us are having a hard time living up. See, I’ve noticed your impeccable manicure on Snapchat and your perfectly weeded garden on Facebook. I wasn’t aware it was possible to have both. My garden hasn’t been tended in months and still my nails are a wreck. To the woman who always remembers her reusable grocery bags: Good for you.

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