Brittany Brave is a NYC-based comedian, actress and writer. She’s trained and performed at UCB, iO and The Second City, and in 2017, she was named an Emerging Talent by TBS Network at the NY Comedy Festival.

While she gets described as “persistent” or “full of moxie” quite a bit, Brittany would much prefer to just be called a pain in the ass. At any given moment, you can find her yelling about something or finding excuses to not sit still. She was Class President in high school for all four years, and it’s both her crowning achievement and biggest regret. She runs exclusively on red wine and ‘90s stripper pop.

She hosts BalconyTV Brooklyn, produces the podcast Class Act and runs the female non-profit Cat Call. She does all this and is still somehow only 4’11. Bless her heart.

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‘Tis the season for....going through the motions. Now that the gift-giving, gorging and guilting has worn off, we get a chance to start fresh with a brand new year. It’s no secret that resolutions are born broken, but maybe the promises we make to be better people are D.O.A  (Dead On Arrival) because we’re not being realistic with what society truly needs. You’ll never fix world hunger or your family, but here are 10 easy changes we can be making

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