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by The Syndrome Mag
The Syndrome Mag

Funny women surviving the COVID crisis by laughing through it

“Show Us Your Wits: Funny Women Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown by Laughing Through It”, is an anthology of funny essays about how women and nonbinary writers across the world are coping with quarantine, social distancing, teleworking, parenting from home and all the other challenges we face because of the COVID-19 crisis.

More than 50 hysterical writers from the U.S., Italy, England, Spain, Holland, Iran, Pakistan, Mexico and beyond take on topics such as:

  • Being pregnant during lockdown
  • Coping with a parent with dementia who’s quarantining with you
  • Living through what the U.S. president has labeled the “Chinese virus” as a Chinese-American
  • Surviving depression, loneliness, and sexual frustration
  • Learning to teach on Zoom
  • Why older women won’t sacrifice themselves for the “good of the economy”
  • Keeping fit (or not) as a survival skill
  • When it’s time to kiss your quarantine leggings goodbye

In a world where COVID-19 has taken a disproportionate toll on women and made gender inequality even more pronounced…

these hilarious and shockingly honest, first-person accounts harness the power of laughter as the ultimate healer and stress reliever. This pandemic and its restrictions on our everyday lives have reminded us that laughter is not just something we do – it’s a way we survive.

In line with The Syndrome Mag’s mission to show the impact of inequality on women, Show us Your Wits delivers on its promise: it highlights women’s ingenuity and resourcefulness, their creativity, compassion and ability to connect with one another even in the midst of our nation’s hardest time. By laughing together through adversity, we are reminded that there is life beyond our fears, and that we are not ultimately defined by them.

“Show Us Your Wits: Funny Women Surviving the COVID Crisis By Laughing Through It” is now available for purchase on Amazon. Give the gift of comedy this holiday season!

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