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Dear Sisters

by Charlie Syns
Charlie Syns

Dear Sisters:

Change is in the air.

300 of the most powerful women in Hollywood have created an organization to say that now, the moment has come, the clock has run out…Time’s Up.

They said it on January 1st, by buying an entire page in the New York Times with an open letter that started with “Dear Sisters”.

They did it by convincing participants at the Golden Globes to dress in black.

They did it by collecting $ 13 million in a fund to support women who have no legal means to defend themselves and reclaim the freedom they were denied. Freedom to be paid as much as a man. Freedom from harassment. Freedom to take the place that rightfully belongs to us, as half of humankind.

And this is just the beginning.

It is not feminism, it is simply justice.

The bathroom mirror, and especially our accountants, remind us that no, we are not Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon or Shonda Rhymes.

But from the very beginning, we have been fighting against the global status quo where we are discriminated against and told that we are less. The fight is in our DNA.

The Syndrome Mag is a small online magazine. Our weapon of choice is humor and satire but, over the last two years, the battle has remained unchanged. We have created an international movement first in Italy and now in North America.

We now declare our solidarity with the Time’s Up movement and offer our support and willingess to collaborate.


With love and solidarity,

The Syndromes



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