Giugi Carminati is an intersectional feminist and woman’s advocate. As attorney, blogger, public speaker and hobbyist author she spends her time explaining the patriarchy to all who will listen (and many who won’t).

She runs her law firm The Woman’s Lawyer out of Denver, CO, and her blog Argue Like a Girl from wherever she has internet access.

She speaks French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Cussing.

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As the fallout from Prof. Christine Ford Blasey's accusation against Judicial Nominee Brett Kavanaugh unfolds like a sexist origami swan, the arguments Kavanaugh's defense take on the usual tried-and-tested forms. The first reaction--the immediate one --is that Prof. Blasey must be lying. She has all the signs of a liar, primarily the fact that she doesn’t possess a penis.  Then comes the recognition that even if she is saying some of the truth, she must be confused, after all women

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