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I lose, therefore I am

by Enrica Orlando
Enrica Orlando

After 30 years I’ve discovered that you can understand the evolution of a person and society based on what they lose.

Middle school, late 1990s.

I lost my glasses and after a month and a half I found them in the pocket of my jacket that I wore every day.


1. It was the era of glasses without frames, they were super thin, and so I didn’t even realize they were in my pocket.

2. I was a ditz.

3. I evidently still had good eyesight, since I was able to go a month and a half without glasses.

Good times.


-High school, early 2000s

I lost my phone and my brother found it 2 days later. In the breadbox.


1. My brother didn’t let me forget that one for a long time.

2. I was a ditzy high school student.

3. It wasn’t a big deal to go 48 hours without your phone.

Strange times.


–College, 2010s

New York: I lost my ring that I never ever wear.

My mother found it. Three months later. In the watering can. At home. In Texas.


1. I was a ditzy college student

2. What was I doing with the watering can?

Different times.


-Today, 2010s.

I lose the probiotics that I was supposed to start taking a month ago.

I find them squeezed between a bottle of gin and a bottle of tequila.

Burning question: did I put the probiotics next to the liquor to remind me to drink or did I put the liquor next to the probiotics to remind me to take them?


1. I am a ditz that doesn’t drink and doesn’t take probiotics.

Sober times.



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