Name Your Feminist Podcast

by Leigh Anne Jasheway
Leigh Anne Jasheway

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These days, everybody and their grandmother (literally) has their own podcast. With so many of us hitting the airwaves to air our opinions and grievances, you may be wondering how to choose a name that will stand out in the crowd.

Well, wonder no more! Let’s harness the power of randomness to create the perfect podcast title for you and your grandmother, especially if she’s reading this over your shoulder.

Month You Were Born:

  • January: Not shutting up about
  • February: Planet of the
  • March: Real talk about
  • April: Kinky sex and
  • May: My favorite
  • June: Your weekly rant on
  • July: Time out with
  • August: Wine and
  • September: Tales of dead
  • October: Too cool for
  • November: Wrapped up in
  • December: No time for

Favorite Style of Music

  • Pop: Misogyny
  • Rap: Vaginas
  • Rock: Tiny pockets
  • Heavy metal: Man-buns
  • Classical: Brassieres
  • Punk: Baby daddies
  • Country: IUDs
  • Broadway tunes: Lousy ex-lovers
  • Bluegrass/folk: Penises
  • Jazz: Weirdos
  • Marimba: Manspreaders
  • Holiday tunes: Dick pics

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