Feminism Just Got Funny: A Satirical Take on Gender Equality from The Syndrome Mag

A comedy book that exposes the absurdities of stereotypes and breaks un-necessary taboos to show that women are not only strong but funny.

With tongue-in-cheek realism, the new book “Random Female Syndromes: Funny Fixes for All the Things You Thought Were Wrong with You” redefines societal hang-ups with humor. It allows readers a safe space to wonder why they let bogus limitations define them. And, “(y)” shouldn’t it? After all, it’s about time the “fairer” chromosome collectively redefines the norm and gets uproarious on her own terms.

Created by a group of diverse women who work together to create hilarious content daily, The Syndrome Mag movement is about community. Begun in Italy with a Facebook page publishing jokes by women that soon went viral reaching millions of people, the new book is an offshoot of that mindset. Random Female Syndromes is a compilation of articles written by 35 women of a wide array of races and cultures demonstrating the power of female collaboration. It pulls double duty by targeting pressing issues like #MeToo, the pay gap, and reproductive rights, providing laughter around what frustrates feminists most.

Silvia Bajardi, Founder and Directress of The Syndrome Mag, said of the new book, “We decided to compile this anthology of articles because laughter is like medicine; the female spirit is elevated and bolstered when there’s a connection through laughter to what’s familiar. In this instance, what’s familiar is all the ways inequality affects women’s lives. That’s our organization’s mission year-round: to raise gender inequality awareness and empower women through humor.”

Keeping attention rapt, the book is divided into eight topics:

  1. Body talk
  2. Sex
  3. Relationships
  4. Work
  5. Aging
  6. Motherhood
  7. Health
  8. Identity and culture

From there it cuts to the chase with 24 syndromes readers didn’t know they had. Female authors create comedic takes on, for instance, “You Say Slut Like It’s a Bad Thing Syndrome,” “Love in the Age of Chlamydia Syndrome,” and “Motherhood is a Mother Syndrome” to name a few.

All proceeds from “Random Female Syndromes: Funny Fixes for All the Things You Thought Were Wrong with You” go to The Syndrome Mag non-profit organization to continue their work to fight gender injustice.

To download the book on Amazon, visit amzn.to/2FFuJxc.

Here’s what you get with every purchase:

  • 302 Pages of Goodness
  • 34 Gut-Busting Articles
  • 26 Postcard Teasers
  • 24 Random Syndromes
  • 8 Categorical Syndromes
  • 1 Hilarious Read

“Required reading for all men who wish to exist in a world of increasingly empowered women. Get these insights before we take over!”

– Janet Livingstone

Available at Amazon.com.

available on amazon

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