Put down the backless paper gown and step away from the stirrups. These syndromes are best treated with a double dose of laughter.

What happens when 34 funny women from different cultures and countries work together to take on some of the biggest problems (think #MeToo, pay gap, and reproductive rights), and some of the silliest (boobs that don’t cooperate and motherhood maddness)?

What happens is Random Female Syndromes: Funny Fixes for All the Things You Thought Were Wrong with You is birthed. (We wanted a water birth, but were afraid the book would get wet.)

This comedic anthology includes 24 syndromes, including “You Say Slut Like It’s a Bad Thing,” “Love in the Age of Chlamydia,” and “Motherhood is a Mother.” The book is the long-awaited brainchild of The Syndrome Mag, with the goal to inspire discussion on gender equality through comedy.

  • 302 Pages of Goodness
  • 34 Gut-Busting Articles
  • 26 Postcard Teasers
  • 24 Random Syndromes
  • 8 Categorical Syndromes
  • 1 Hilarious Read

“Required reading for all men who wish to exist in a world of increasingly empowered women. Get these insights before we take over!”

– Janet Livingstone


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Edited by Silvia Bajardi, Betsy Hunt, Leigh Anne Jasheway, Katherine Shaw

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