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Win at Motherhood with These Creative and Classic Names for Your Special Baby

by Lucy Tollefson
Lucy Tollefson

One of the first major decisions you have as a parent is naming your child. Whether it’s your first or tenth baby, being a mother is the most exciting and best way to fulfill your societal obligation as a woman.

You want a name that will help your child stand out and shine like the big star they are. I have put together a list of great names to give the best thing that has ever happened to you.


For a unique twist on a classic name, throw in an extra letter. Other examples of this are Abligail and Jactob. Similarly you can change a couple instead. Try Beberly or Byian. These names are great for babies because they won’t struggle learning to pronounce it.

Are you and your husband fighting over names again? Combine them! Tyler plus Kyle, equals Tyle! Can’t decide between Benjamin and Timothy? How about Benothy. Jesshley is the beautiful combination of Jessica and Ashley. Trevin is the classic merge of Kevin and Trevor.


Single letters like ‘a’ can be so boring. Spruce up a name by extending the vowel sounds with different combinations. Keightlyn, Keighlee, and Loosee are some more good examples. Because extra vowels can be a bit on the feminine side, only add them when deciding on a name for your little princess!

If changing a traditional name isn’t for you, but you would still like to extend the name a little bit, just add Lynn to the end. Lauralynn and Lynnlynn are perfect, pretty names for your perfect, pretty angel and a great way for several sisters to share a similar name!


There are so many Cadens and Bradens out there, but your son will be the only Rapier on the swim team! A rapier is a thin, light, sharp-pointed sword used for thrusting, but feel free to name your child after any weapon. Want to be sure your son stands out at school? How about the name Gunner. There are unlimited options for your army of little soldiers.


Perfect name for your eighth kid! This is a great and exotic option! Whichever number kid you’re on, find that number in another language.

Mary or John

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and traditional. These names have stood the test of time just like the bible, and the only thing more important than being a mother, is Jesus! Plus, there are many people in the bible, so no matter how many little miracles you have, you’ll have options.

Whatever name you chose, your baby will always be the most special and the most important thing in your life. Show the world how special your kid is to you, and how great they are. Being a mom is great but only so long as others can see how great you are at it. Nothing compares to being a mother! I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life, and neither should you.

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