Adina hails originally from sunny southern California, but please keep reading.
After realizing that her shiny Poli-Sci degree from UCLA meant that she had no job skills, Adina fell into a Technical Writer career thanks to a broken road of sketchy temp jobs. She spent most of the 90’s in high tech until she had her first low tech pregnancy.

Adina exited the high-tech world to focus on keeping her two human children alive, and to nurture her third child – Improvisational Comedy.

Adina spent most of the next two decades as a company member of Jet City Improv as a performer, teacher, corporate workshop trainer, and director of full-length improvised plays. Somewhere in the middle of that, Adina accidentally became a Hypnotherapist, and currently owns her own practice. Somewhere to the left and across from that, Adina joined the Assistance League of the Eastside – an all-volunteer non-profit that produces critical philanthropic programs to aid local women and families suffering from hardship and violence.

When Adina isn’t doing any of those aforementioned things, you very well may find her playing tennis, tending to her goats Scooby and Flapjack, or lamenting that she lives in unincorporated King County which means she can never run for Mayor of Redmond, because she’s pretty sure she could eventually win that.

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We all have our pet peeves. Slow drivers in the fast lane, loud chewers, fascist pussy grabbers in the White House – you know, little irritants. Recently, at a leadership training I was attending (look at me! I’m getting leader-trained and will hopefully learn to only leader outside some day and not on the carpet), we were asked to go around the room and state a pet peeve. It was supposed to be something annoying in the context of a

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I know what you’re thinking: Adina has to go get a mammogram, and she’s likely pretty put off about it. I mean, who wants to get a mammogram? For starters, they're painful. Putting our girls between two sheets of glass and then having them pressed down flat like an orange in a juicer is a practice that would impress Torquemada, and surely must be forbidden by the Geneva Convention. Whenever I’m locked in that contraption, I keep hearing the ubiquitous

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