#OurStoreToo – If Your Store Got Robbed, It Must Be Your Fault

by Mary Purdy
Mary Purdy

Chamber of Commerce Monthly Newsletter:

Due to the recent increase in reported robberies in our area and the growing popularity of the hashtag #OurStoreToo, the Chamber of Commerce has drafted a series of questions and suggestions to help store owners assess their level of risk and take preventative measures, so they can avoid getting robbed in the future.

If your business has been affected by this recent uptick in crime, we can only imagine that having someone break into your establishment and take things that belong to you would be quite unnerving.  Unfortunately, this happens frequently and is common among stores.

Please consider the following:

Is there anything you could have done to prevent this robbery from happening?

Is there anything you did that might have made someone rob you?

It’s likely that you have a lot of items on display, might a thief have been tempted to rob you because of what was in your window or near the checkout area?  – You may want to think about how many items you’re showing and how eye-catching they appear, since thieves are easily allured.

Are you sure the robber didn’t get the impression that you wanted him to take those items without asking?

We feel that any establishment that parades its products in such a manner is bound to get broken into.

For instance, if you display chocolates and candy in your window and someone who passes by just happens to love chocolates and candy, who knows what might ensue?

Such confections can come across as fairly tantalizing and a temptation that’s hard to pass up. After all, those little chocolates and candies are on display for all to see.

This could be interpreted as “Hey, look at all this candy we have!  Wouldn’t you like to take some without asking?” Can you really blame them when you are intentionally showing off your merchandise?

It’s almost an invitation to be robbed.

The messages we send out can be very powerful and are frequently subject to misinterpretation. If I wear a shirt that says “I LOVE CAKE” it’s possible that someone might just come along and shove a piece of cake down my throat since I have clearly stated that I love it.  I would be getting exactly what I was asking for…cake.

It is vital to be careful about the impressions we are giving people, otherwise, we may not be able to hold them accountable for their actions.  It’s only natural for them to be drawn to what they like especially if it is dangling right in front of their face.

Please note how frequently this happens. 1 in 5 stores gets broken into.  Not all of them complain.

Some don’t even report it!

It may be time to reconsider how appealing your store displays are.  I imagine that this robbery could have been prevented if you had only taken the right steps.  But maybe you have learned your lesson.

Don’t put something enticing out there unless you are ready to have it appropriated without your permission.

Good luck with your business!

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